Nightclubs / Bars

Nightclubs and bars make their money when the sun goes down, but the opportunity to grow the excitement and line outside the door happens in the days and hours before.  That’s where texting to your previous customers has the power to quickly and affordably grab more customers ‘round the clock.


Description: The Mobile Economy: Why Your Business Cannot Ignore Mobile

With at least 95% of Americans are using text messaging to communicate, nightclub mobile marketing is eclipsing the more traditional and costly forms of club and bar promotions such as fliers, brochures, billboards, email, and more.

In fact, with a proven rate of nearly 100% of all texts being opened, it’s virtually guaranteed that your messages will be received and read, while fliers get thrown in the trash and emails get ignored.

Text messaging provides business owners the ability to put their brand directly into the customer’s hand, pairing this affordable and unprecedented access with a clever marketing strategy empowers nightclub and bar owners with an ROI that leads to increased margins.

SMS marketing also provides instant data that shows which promotions and events are popular before they happen.  For example, a lounge wants to create a Happy Hour campaign offering discounted wine.  Using the keyword and short code, they post a sign and make some flyers that say Text $5Beer to 48421.  The lounge can instantly see how many responses it gets, thereby gauging what services bring in the most customers and how to improve its offerings in the future.

Good strategies for Nightclubs should as multifaceted as a disco ball and make customers feel like a VIP by speaking to their needs and interests.  Achieve customer loyalty through special offers, discounts, happy hour promotions, event notifications, contests, special entertainment announcements, and more.


Here are some ways to capitalize on your brand and services through SMS marketing:  SMS marketing for bars and nightclubs is the most powerful way to entice patrons onto your barstools and dance floors anytime, anyplace.  With each text sent, watch that line grow out the door and around the block!

For example, utilize texting as a vehicle for mobile marketing for bars by creating a discounted beverage and appetizer offer and blast it out to customers during lunch.  You’ve now wet their appetite for a good time after work.


Special Deals / Event Invitations / Contests

It begins with opting-in. Advertise a promotional campaign on table tents, fliers and postcards at your business such as, “Text LADIES NIGHT to 48421,” for free admission.  Once the patron texts the keyword “LADIES NIGHT” to the short-code 48421, they’ve opted in to receive not only free admission but future promotions as well.  As responses filter in, business owners will know what to expect when the doors open.


Pre-order Promotions

Give your customers first dibs by sending them a text with a requested RSVP and payment in advance.  Sell out your events early rather than waiting for people to stagger in, and don’t let the club down the street grab their attention first.



These should be part of a regular rotation of offerings.  There is no other way of capturing people’s attention then by giving something away for free or at a special discounted rate.  By sending out the occasional coupon, you’ve reminded the customer, who may have already forgotten about you, that you’re still here and ready to provide your services.

The beauty of SMS text marketing is that it is easy, on target, and affordable.  It gives the proprietor the keys to unlocking more business independently without needing a special consultant or promoter, which translates into exponential return on investment.


It offers the flexibility to be as creative as you want.  The sky’s the limit when it comes to how to communicate with your patrons and what offers and discounts you can provide.  The feedback text messaging provides is priceless.  The benefit of being able to measure customers’ interest instantaneously allows business owners to find which campaigns work and which ones don’t so that they can be better tailored to suit people’s needs instantaneously.