The simplest way to send out mass text alerts

Get a full text alert system up and running in 30 seconds.
There are only two steps to start sending text alerts

Step 1

Engage Your Members

Add subscribers to the system

Before you can send out a message, you need someone to send the message to! Members can be added in several ways including: text-in to join, a web sign-up form, and uploading a spreadsheet of subscribers.

Step 2


Send out your message

Mobile Text Alerts features an easy-to-use control panel that is 100% user-friendly. Whether you want to send the message right away, schedule it to go out later, or want to send the message on-the-go from your mobile phone, sending out mass text messages has never been easier.

Step 1

Add subscribers to your text alert system

There are 3 easy ways to add subscribers to your subscribers list

Engage Your Members

Texting in to the system

Subscribers can sign up for your text alert system by texting your keyword to 662-200-4303 (we also have shortcodes available).

Easy to Use

Subscriber sign-up page

When you create an account, we will generate a sign-up page for you. You can either keep your sign-up page hosted on our site, or you can embed the HTML onto your website to allow people to sign-up directly from your site.


Importing a spreadsheet

If you have an existing list of numbers that you would like to put into your text alert system, you can import a spreadsheet in your control panel.

Our easy to use control panel

Once your subscribers are in the system, you can manage them, organize them into groups, and change your account settings in our easy to use control panel.

Manage Subscribers

Add, delete, and change subscriber details as needed.

Create Groups

Create groups and put subscribers into them so that certain messages go to certain groups of people.

Step 2

Send out your mass text message

In your control panel, just type in your message, select who it should go to and click 'Send.' You can also schedule messages to go out in the future, or send out a message by texting in.

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