Text Messaging for Schools

SMS for schools is a perfect application of mass text messaging. With nine out of ten Americans keeping their cell phones switched on 24 hours a day, and 98% of all text messages read by the recipient, SMS is clearly the preferred medium for reaching lots of people quickly.  People love to text each, clearly this technology is here to stay, and now more than ever, all types of organizations, businesses, etc., are using SMS messaging to communicate instantly to the people they care about.


The presence of cell phones in school yards and college campuses is useful to educators who need to communicate regularly with a large number of students throughout the year. What used to be achieved by mass email blasts, phone trees and handouts has been made faster, easier, cheaper and more efficient.  Text messages, with such a high 'open' rate, are viewed by more of their target audience than any other form of mass communication, and their use has sparked a revolution felt across small-town elementary schools to universities and all types of schools in between.  Whether it's an emergency alert or an event reminder, text blasts are the quickest way to inform a large group.


It's not simply a question of convenience.  The U.S. Department of Education has imposed a legal requirement on colleges and universities to stay in touch with their student-base in the event of an emergency, this is equally important in pre-school elementary middle and high schools as well.

According to the Clery Act, educational institutions must be able to issue ‘timely warnings in a manner likely to reach all members of the campus community.’ The availability of text alerts means such warnings can go out within minutes.

Many schools have already adopted bulk SMS messaging as the go-to solution.  By using a bulk SMS platform, they can send out one message to all relevant parties instantly.  Pre-schools elementary, middle and high schools can inform parents directly that their child will be returning home with information from the school regarding things such as:

The reduction in expenses and man-hours can free up crucial funds for budget-conscious schools. There is less waste in terms of phone bills and paper used for photocopying, printing and direct mail campaigns.  More importantly, parents can be more closely involved in the day to day schooling of their children, and stay on top of last minute scheduling changes or event cancellations.

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