Texting for Small Business Owners 

Currently there are approximately 27 million small businesses in America today.  Many are competing for the same customers.  Mobile marketing has become so important in communicating with consumers and if you are not utilizing mobile marketing, we believe you will be very soon.

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SMS Text Messaging can be used by businesses in many ways.  One of the most profitable ways is the use of on‐location marketing to gain repeat customers.  This strategy entices the customer to text a message to a pre‐selected number, and Keyword.  The message goes directly to our system, and the customer’s cell phone number is captured.  You can then send information, promotional offers and coupons via text message to that customer.

Here is an example:  You are the owner of local Italian restaurant called Pepinos.  When the server arrives to greet the customers, he/she would hand out a small flyer to all guests and explain to take out their cell phone and text the work “Pepinos” to 48421 to receive a free appetizer today or a buy one get one free entre on your next visit, just show your phone to redeem.  The customer has just opted into our system automatically and is now part of your customer group.

As an owner, you are now able to send a text message out to these customers just to say thank you for coming in.  You also can inform them of the special of the week.  You can preschedule a message to go out to all of your customers at once on Thursday afternoon in case they want to order a Pizza to go for the Thursday Night Football.  So many uses to communicate with your customers and keep them coming back much more often than they would otherwise.

Of course this works well for restaurants, but text messaging works just as good for most small business owners in American, no matter what you are selling, the sky is the limit, only limited by your creativity.

Using the Mobile Text Direct SMS Text Messaging Service, you can take advantage of a simple, fast and inexpensive technology that delivers your message to customers and or members at any time.  From announcements of retail sales and promotions to relaying emergency information to employees and customers in the case a crisis situation.  SMS Texting can be used by virtually any type of business or organization, including restaurants, retail stores, real estate and property management companies, professionals, day cares, gyms, car wash, coffee shops, the list goes on and on.

SMS Text Messaging Service with an estimated 3 billion people using SMS Text Messaging worldwide, convenient and instantaneous communication with your customers has not only become necessary, it is expected.

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