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Tutorials - The 781 Number
There are many tasks that can be accomplished by texing our 781 number (781-728-9542 (if you would like a custom number, contact us)).



Joining An Account
Your members can join your text account by simply sending a message with the following format to 781-728-9542:


<accountName> <firstName> <lastName>


"<accountName>" is the name of your account that the member is trying to join. For example, if you're account name is "LincolnChurch", then the member would text "lincolnchurch" (not case sensitive) and be automatically signed up for the account.


"<firstName>" and "<lastName>" can be added on to the message, but are optional. If included, they will set the members first name and last name to the values. For example, to sign up for the "LincolnChurch" account with the name "James Pelton", the member would text "lincolnchurch James Pelton" to 781-728-9542, and be automatically added to the "LincolnChurch" account with the First name "James" and the Last Name "Pelton." Carriers will be looked up automatically, so they do not need to be included in the message anywhere.


One other example: sending "IHCC John Doe" will add the member to the IHCC account with the first name "John" and the last name "Doe."



Stoping Messages From An Account
Your members can leave your account at any time by texting either the word "unsubscribe" or "stop" (not case sensitive) to 781-728-9542




Joining A Group
Members can also join groups by texting. Sending a message with the following format will add that particular member to a group:


join <groupname>


"<groupname>" is the name of a group. For exmple, sending a text "join choir" will automatically add that member to the "choir" group (not case sensitive).


NOTE: If a member tries to join a group that does not exist, that member will receive a text back saying "That group cannot be found in your account."



Administrative Function - Sending Messages To Your Group
Users who are set up with a number in the control panel for your account (see the Users tutorial for more details) can send messages out to it's members. Simply send a text with to 781-728-9542 and your message will be automatically relayed to the group attached to the number that sends the text


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