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Tutorials - Users Tab

Users are username/passwords that are tied to your account, but are separate from your main account. They are useful if you would like multiple people to have access to your account, but don't want to share your username/password with everyone.


Another useful feature of users, is that you can set them to only have access to a single group. This can be useful if for example you would like your Choir Director to only have access to the "Choir" group. If set to a single group, that user will only have access to members from that group, and will only be able to send messages to that group.



Users Tab



Insert User Button

This button adds a user to your account


Delete User Button

This button deletes a user from your account



The username of your user (double click to edit data). This username must be unique from all other users on mobile-text-alerts (you will be prompted to change the username if it is already in use).



The password of your user



The group you would like this user to have access to (if you would like your user to have access to all groups, simply check the "Administrator" checkbox in the last column)


Phone Number

This is an optional feature. If a phone number is entered in this field than this user is able to send messages to our 229 number (229-299-8227) and that message will go to the group specified in the "Group" column. Any message sent from that number to the 229 number will automatically be forwarded to the group



If an email address is specified in the "Email Column," than messages sent from this user will be sent from that email address. If the email address is left blank, then messages will be sent from the email address for the account.



This checkbox sets or removes this user as an Administrator on the account. Administrators have access to all features on the account (the same as the main account). Administrators also have access to all groups.




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